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Supervisory Control System - Wonderware System Platform

Wonderware System Platform provides a single, scalable software platform for integrating your existing SCADA, Supervisory HMI, MES and EMI systems into a unified operations management solution. It helps drive a culture of success to solve your business problems and accomplish your initiatives.


Maintaining legacy industrial systems can be costly and resource intensive, System Platform is the solution. Its integrated development environment, object based approach and set of common services allows you to build a single, easily maintained and extended “plant model” that represents the physical processes being controlled and supervised at your production facilities. The ArchestrA System Platform also makes configuration, logging, delivery and maintenance of real-time and historical information point-and-click simple.

System Platform also provides a high-performance process historian with production history archiving and retrieval, along with an industrial web information server that dramatically simplifies the organisation and delivery of operations information to all functions within your organisation.




Key Benefits

  • Standardisation in development and
    run-time operations environment saves time and money

  • Integration of all operations data, regardless
    of the source

  • Flexibility and changeability to modify any
    aspect of the system to meet new needs or
    take advantage of new opportunities

System Platform Layers:



 Key Capabilities

  • Common plant model reduces complexity

  • Remote software deployment and maintenance

  • Extensible and easily maintained using
    template-based and object oriented structures

  • Powerful role-based security model

  • Scalable from 250 to 1,000,000 I/O connections

  • Historical data collection and advanced trending

  • Web based reporting capabilities


System Platform provides common and strategic industrial software application platform that's built on ArchestrA® technology for supervisory control, Geo-SCADA and Manufacturing Execution System solutions.  Designed to make it easier for manufacturers to adjust to the ever-changing needs of customers and the overall market.


The Wonderware System Platform contains an integral core set of capabilities and services to support sustainable production and operations performance improvement via a comprehensive set of five capability areas:


1. Industrial domain services
2. Software and device connectivity services
3. Information and data management services
4. Application development services
5. System management and extensibility services 


What they say...

"Historian is a vital tool used to analyse key data historically. Without Historian we would be running the plant blind."

Tim Manuel,