Wonderware Equipment Operations Module

Wonderware Equipment Operations Module is a software module that helps manufacturers capture complete "as-built" records for rapid response to unforeseen production events such as product recalls. Leveraging the ISA-95 standard, it enables consistent execution of unit/line operations, improved reliability and repeatability of equipment setup. 

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The result is valuable contextual information, which provides a production context on top of process data for complete traceability across multiple production processes and areas, and helps reduce the integration costs for enterprise-to-control system integration.  


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Key Benefits


  • Ability to easily implement production traceability and expand functionality/complexity as needed

  • Rapidly respond to unforeseen production events such as product recalls

  • Reduce the integration costs using the ISA-95 standard for enterprise-to-control system integration


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Key Capabilities


  • Centralized management of equipment and product formula definitions as well as control system downloads

  • Automatic recording of real-time production events

  • Natural extension of plant model in supervisory system

  • A production context for the process, formula and event data using a standard structure (ISA-95)


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"System Platform is the basis of our plant wide system - and has provided unparalleled insight that has produced measurable business benefits"

Jim Fisher, Skretting UK

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