Wonderware QI Analyst 

Useful in nearly any vertical industry, Wonderware QI Analyst Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is an important part of any quality management program.

Performing both on-line and historical SPC, QI Analyst supports real-time process monitoring and alarms as well as historical reports to view process “health” over any period of time.  Real-time SPC, analysis and reporting are equally easy.

   QI Analyst


By storing process data in the QI Analyst database and linking to external data sources, users can leverage enterprise-wide SPC to reduce variation, reduce costs of manufacturing and increase productivity.


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Key Benefits

  • Real-time data charting, calculations & alarms

  • Quick operator reaction to process problems

  • Predict problems that are about to happen

  • Report the "health" of manufacturing processes


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Key Capabilities


  • Full complement of SPC charts

  • Real-time and historical SPC

  • Link to virtually any existing data source

  • Database backbone

  • Enterprise SPC, accommodating many users at once

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

  • Integrated to InTouch HMI, Historian & System Platform



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"Historian is a vital tool used to analyse key data historically. Without Historian we would be running the plant blind."

Tim Manuel,

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