InTouch Access Anywhere   

Access your plant securely from anywhere, using any device, with full InTouch HMI functionality


Wonderware InTouch Access Anywhere is an InTouch extension that provides RDP access to InTouch applications via HTML5 compliant web browsers.


It empowers an increasingly mobile workers to access plant information remotely from any device, and if necessary act upon this information without delay, thus increasing productivity, control and efficiency in time, money and resources.  


InTouch Access Anywhere enables users to securely achieve greater flexibility and mobility through greater visibility of the plant floor data (graphics, performance, alarms, trends) from any location.  



Wonderware® InTouch® Access Anywhere software solution has recently won a Silver Award in the Productivity and Training category of Plant Engineering magazine's annual Product of the Year contest. Read More

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Key Benefits


- Improved Productivity, Efficiency and Responsiveness  

You get the same rich user experience from our visualisation technology as the local operator stations. This means that your most appropriate resource can address real-time issues in the plant from any location, and any device at any time.


- Informed Decision Making and Flexibility 

While you may be on the road or away from the office or control room, your critical business information is available on any device, thus extending access to mobile, casual and non traditional users.


- IT Savings

Make production adjustments using a common, secure browser by accessing the world's most popular HMI functionality everywhere. InTouch Access Anywhere is a maintenance free, secure web enabled HMI application enabling you to access the plant floor data without any programming using one secure link.




  • Runs on a browser

  • Does not require installing anything at the client end

  • Supports HTML5 Compliant browsers

  • Available on a wide range of devices

  • Provides secure access


For more information download our Webinar - Mobility in Manufacturing with InTouch Access Anywhere

What they say...

"InTouch HMI gives us a clear view of what is happening in our processes."

Roy Matchwick,
Greene King Brewing Company