About Wonderware

The Wonderware Offering



Wonderware Products

Wonderware® has a wide range of products and technologies for the Industrial Automation sector, all of which are designed to give our customers a rapid return on their investment.


Wonderware Solutions

Wonderware's software solutions are proven in over 100,000 plants around the world and cover a broad spectrum of business - critical applications across manufacturing and industrial enterprises.

These integrated software solutions are categorized into a variety of customer - orientated offerings.


Wonderware Training

Wonderware offers a variety of training courses either on site or at our HQ in Cheadle. We are the only Certified Wonderware Training Provider in the UK and Ireland.


Wonderware Support

The Wonderware Customer Support Service offering includes post-sales technical assistance, problem resolution, all software updates, patch management, and ongoing software and technical knowledge management.


Wonderware Consultancy

Wonderware offers a consultancy service that specialises in the application of Wonderware Software and ArchestrA Technology.

Our Consultants are both expert in their field and also have experience of many projects and applications - thereby helping you to get the most from our products whilst making sure that systems are robust and deployed optimally.  


Wonderware Partner Program

System Integrators' participation in this programme helps our customers identify local system integrators who have experience developing applications based on Wonderware software. The result is more business for the system integration companies and Wonderware as a whole.

What they say...

"Historian is a vital tool used to analyse key data historically. Without Historian we would be running the plant blind."

Tim Manuel,